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Dear Park Shore Campers and Families:
This week was EPIC! Campers wait for this week all summer long…COLOR WAR.
Monday morning the campers arrived to see the camp decorated in blue and pink balloons along with other mysterious objects around camp. Patches and Buttons then came out with a huge announcement…they had twins; a boy and a girl! Shortly after that, the celebration was interrupted by the army and space teams because they wanted to name the twins.
That morning Eric Perles made the unpopular announcement that Color War was cancelled. The entire camp was in an uproar.
The festivities then continued at the pool where a third team; the navy, came out and that’s when it was announced that color war was on BUT with a twist, not two, but three teams. Red, Yellow and Green. The rest of the week continued with amazing challenges for all the teams to participate in but in the end, the winners were the red team. Congratulations to everyone it was a great week. Please check out the pictures on the Park Shore website to see the amazing spirit and smiles that our camp was filled with this week. It truly is a great week and to Eric Perles who spent an incredible amount of time, and his Generals and Lieutenants created an amazing experience that all the campers will remember for a lifetime.
We have planned one more week of fun and excitement for all to enjoy!
Lani Dudzinski
Director of Special Events