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Pre-School Camp Program

Our Park Shore Pre-School Camp Program is designed for campers ages 3-5

Our Pre-School campers have the opportunity to experience all that Park Shore has to offer in a smaller, more controlled environment. There are specifically designed areas that only Pre-School campers use, such as our Pre-School Sports Facility. This area is equipped with a Junior Dream Field, mini soccer field, small basketball hoops with a mini backstop to encourage our campers and provide them with the success they need as young people. Pre-school tennis and Pre-School GaGa are more activities exclusively for our Pre-School campers. Our Pre-School Program also includes our Early Enrichment Experience. This program allows your child the time to practice skills such as name writing, counting, sorting, and cutting. Taught by one of our own highly qualified teachers, the reinforcement of these skills during the summer helps to prepare your child for the following school year. Our campers arrive at Park Shore approximately 9 a.m. and leave camp around 4 p.m. They will be in a camp group based on their age, grade and gender and will be led by an adult group leader who is assisted by college age counselors. Their activity schedule is specially created for their age and will include aquatics, athletics, specialty activities, cultural arts activities, lunch and a long list of very exciting special events each week. Our pre-school (2 – 5 year old) campers can enroll for either 3 or 5 days each week. A Typical Day for the Park Shore Pre-School Camper:

  • Arrival
  • Period 1 – Arts & Crafts or Makers Space
  • Period 2 – Instructional Swim
  • Period 3 – Athletics (ex: Junior Dream Field)
  • Period 4 – Lunch
  • Period 5 – Dance & Movement
  • Period 6 – Free Swim
  • Period 7 – Enrichment
  • Period 8 – Nature
  • Period 9 – Athletics (ex: Pre-School GaGa or Soccer)