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Park Shore Color War 2018 Broke Today!!!

Color War 2018 broke with much excitement and enthusiasm! During Patch’s and Button’s Baby Gender Reveal Party, it was announced that Patches and Buttons are having twins – a girl and a boy!! Congratulations!!
We were then visited by a crew of Astronauts and an Army Battalion who were arguing about who would have the honor of naming the newest Park Shore mascots. In an unexpected twist, Color War was cancelled and the decision was put off until later in the day.
The entire camp met at the pool and watched as the Astronauts and Army participated in a jousting match . They were then met by the Navy Seals!! An epic battle ensued….and in traditional Park Shore fashion, all major disputes are decided by COLOR WAR!!
For the first time in Park Shore history, there will be THREE Color War groups; Green, Yellow and Red. We are looking forward to an exciting three days of competition and Color War spirit!!
Stay tuned for lots of exciting videos and news!!