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The Summer of 2017 flew by like a bolt of lightning.  It is simply amazing how fast each day melted into the next. Park Shore was blessed with so many wonderful boys and girls who enjoyed each day with their friends.  Their laughter, giggling, singing and shouting for joy constantly reverberated around our 15 acre campus on a regular basis.  Their enthusiasm was generated by the amazing staff who supervised them along with every specialist who conducted awesome activities each day.  Our new activities brought Park Shore to a new level of excitement never seen before.
As we reflect back upon this summer we are overjoyed with the overwhelming success that we experienced and the tremendous confidence all of our parents had with our program.  This is evident because of the huge number of re-enrollments already coming in for next summer.  For that, we thank the majority of families who will join us in 2018.  We take great pride in orchestrating a summer program that creates memories that last a lifetime.
Camp is a very special time in a child’s life and we feel very fortunate to be able to offer experiences that add to their self-esteem, confidence, skill development and friendships.  As we write this letter about the end of 2017 we are already thinking about 2018 and all the new activities and facilities we want to create to make Park Shore even better.
We thank all of our Park Shore families for being part of the 2017 summer and look forward to reuniting in 2018 when we can once again continue where we left off this summer.  We wish everyone a very happy, healthy and successful year and are now counting down the days until the Summer of 2018 arrives.
Thank You for an AMAZING Camp Season,
Bob, Chuck, Dianne & Mike