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Dearest Park Shore,

I didn’t believe in love at first sight until that fateful day I laid my eyes upon you.  I remember my first glimpse of your beauty like it was yesterday…It was a crisp, sunny winter day–a day much like today.  And I was so excited to take my new car for a spin.  Driving south on Deer Park Road, I noticed something colorful, bright, and yet mysterious all at the same time.  I kept on driving, but I could not get the thoughts out of my head.  What had I just seen?  Should I turn around for a closer look?

It didn’t take long for me to make the first U-turn and head back to you.  It was as though you were calling me, and I could hear nothing but your melodic voice. As I approached, careful so as not to startle you, I realized what had drawn me to you…It was the clowns.  Not ordinary clowns- but vibrant, jubilant, welcoming clowns…mounted high upon your fences.  As I drove past their welcoming grins towards the parking lot, a feeling of joy rushed over me.  I felt immediately at home, and you embraced me in your arms.  I eagerly toured your green 15 acres, going slowly so as not to miss a second of your beauty.

I was attracted to everything about you… your three swimming pools, heated to just the right temperature…your grassy sports fields, endless activities like RC cars/boats, arts and crafts, and Maker Space. Looking further, there was so much more to enjoy…Bungy, Rockwall, and Skytrail.  Looking deeper, there was even a state-of-the art Science Center!  I could see your EXTREME side and it was making me want to experience even more.

Next, I noticed your beautiful scent, as if you could possibly be any more attractive!  I followed my nose and I was lured by the most hypnotizing fragrance I had ever smelled…Chicken fries cooking in the Food Emporium.  I had to have a taste, and unsurprisingly I could not eat just one.  I wanted more, but you told me I would have to wait till the next time.

The final attraction was your amazing, welcoming staff.  Everyone I met made me feel so welcome, like part of the family.  They answered all my questions, eased my concerns, and ultimately, more than anything else, had me wrapped around your finger.

Needless to say, I signed my kids up for Park Shore Country Day Camp as soon as this magical experience was over…And I am now a believer in love at first sight!


Your Secret Admirer

P.S. I Love You!

(Park Shore I Love YOU!)