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Are you, or someone you love suffering from Lack-of-camp-itis?  During the spring months, especially May and the beginning of June, this affliction spreads without discrimination.  Young and old alike, offer little resistance to the symptoms of Lack-of-camp-itis. Such symptoms include, but are not limited to: extreme boredom, cravings for chicken fries, loneliness, and an insatiable desire to do something EXTREME!  


Never heard of Lack-of-camp-itis? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Thousands of cases go undiagnosed and are mistreated each year.  And the number of victims has been growing exponentially. What can you do to protect yourself against this epidemic before you become a sad statistic?  Have no fear! There is an antidote.


During the blistering summer of 1959, two young and innocent brothers, Bob and Chuck Budah, unknowingly stumbled upon the cure.  At the time, children all across New York, from Forest Hills to Dix Hills, had been showing the telltale signs of Lack-of-camp-itis. The gregarious brothers had a plan. “We’ve got to do something for these kids,” said the brothers.  “Look how lonely and bored they all seem!” Together, with their parents Al and Henny, they opened up Park Shore Day Camp.


Within minutes of entering Park Shore’s gates, victims were cured of all symptoms.  Bob and Chuck were ecstatic. They had no idea that their plan would turn into the vaccine for Lack-of-camp-itis.  News spread quickly. Headlines on the front page of the local newspaper read, “Local Camp Saves the Day,” and “Park Shore Cures Campers!”  One newspaper’s headline even read, “Bob and Chuck for President!”


There was only one small problem.  Parents all over New York began sending their children to local camps hoping for the same results.  Children at Camp Wanna-Be and lesser known Camp Not-So-Fun showed no signs of improvement. In fact, their symptoms got worse!  The only campers to be cured were those that attended Park Shore.


Even after all this time, 59 long years, Park Shore is the only known cure for Lack-of-camp-itis.  So parents, if you begin to notice that your children are showing signs of boredom, loneliness, or asking constantly for chicken fries at dinnertime, don’t hesitate…Enroll your child at Park Shore Country Day Camp immediately.  The future of our planet is relying on you!