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How To Cure Your Post-Park Shore Camp Blues

Make home feel a little more like your favorite place in the world!


Diagnosis: PPSB (Post Park Shore Blues)

Prognosis: Curable on June 29, 2020

The Summer of 2019 at Park Shore still has a grip on us. We are still reeling with happiness over the success of our 60th anniversary summer. And we hope you are too. We also know that everyone is missing their summer home right about now. Whether you were a camper, a counselor, or another member of the staff, now that you’re back home or at school after an action-packed summer full of amazing memories and fantastic people, you’re sad that it’s over. 

You miss chicken fries, Friday Staff Challenge, Mike & Ian and their hilarious commentaries, Special Events, Color War and free swim. You miss the camp traditions and things that make each day unique. And most of all, you miss your camp friends. No matter what post-camp blues you’re feeling, here are some surefire tips to keep the spirit of Park Shore and summer camp with you all year long…

1. Start speaking with an English accent. 

This way you will always remember Coach Ian! Don’t worry about not actually being English, Coach has never even been to England 🙂

2. Attempt to recreate camp meals!

Chicken Fries – If you use ketchup to dip, don’t forget to make it into a smiley face!

Puppy Chow – Buy extra bags! You can never make enough Puppy Chow. Just ask our Baking and Cooking Specialists, their window was like a bank giving away free money! Click here for recipe. 

3. Have a Park Shore get together!

Invite camp friends over – maybe even make some Puppy Chow! Another great way to reunite is at Park Shore’s Spooktacular and Carnival! Spooktacular is on October 19th – we can’t wait to see you!!

4. Make a Park Shore playlist!

Nothing beats eating lunch while listening to music. Just a tip…after you win cleanest table and you are considering making a conga line please make sure you are not alone! But dancing after lunch is always a must!

Yes, that means listening to “Old Town Road” on repeat, but you still want to sing the lyrics by Scotty Mac “I’m Gonna take my bus down Deer Park Road, I’m gonna ride SkyTrail till I can’t no more.” We also had a lot of throwback music – “Buttercup”, the ever iconic “Cotton Eyed Joe” and “YMCA” are always a hit. You would be surprised how many Billy Joel lyrics were sung by campers and staff! 

5. Wear your Park Shore Swag all year long!

Wear your Park Shore t-shirt, sweatshirt or your NEW Park Shore winter hat as often as possible. Also buy an enormous amount of bracelets so you can look just like April!

6. Follow Park Shore on Social Media 

Like and follow so you can enjoy Throwback Thursday, Videos, Pics and Bear Chat. Also check out the Park Shore photo gallery and relive the whole summer of 2019!!

After spending so much time at Park Shore this summer, it truly has become a part of you. You would do anything for just five minutes surrounded by the people you love the most in the world. Just know, when those pesky post-camp blues arise, you’re not alone. And know that next summer will be here before you know it. 

We promise that our tips will help create little pockets of Park Shore-ness to your everyday life and can be a one-way ticket to a camp-happy you!

But remember – PPSB is completely curable – in 278 day!

Do you have any tips on how to cure the post-summer camp blues?

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