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Ask any athlete what they miss the most after retiring from their respective sport, and an overwhelming majority will reply in a way that may be somewhat surprising. Sure, competing at a high level, winning games, and collecting accolades are all memorable and special in their own right…but what athletes miss the most after retirement is the FRIENDSHIP, TEAMWORK, and CAMARADERIE they shared with their teammates, who are often close enough to be considered family.  The bond that teammates share is unique and unbreakable, as these athletes work together toward a common goal, trusting in each other, and relying on each other through thick and thin.


While the majority of the world’s population will never play or retire from a professional sport, there is a place where similar bonds of friendship, camaraderie, and sportsmanship are fostered and likely to be achieved… A place that is far more welcoming than the NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB…  A place we call CAMP!


The moment your child steps foot on Park Shore Country Day Camp’s lush 15 acres, they become a part of something magical…something that has been growing, evolving, and entertaining campers and their families since 1959.  And once placed in a camp group for the summer, the campers are officially a part of a team, OUR team, TEAM PARK SHORE!


Every camper will find a home at Park Shore, along with an abundance of friendships and memories.  Each employee, from the hands-on owners, to the directors, to the counselors and specialists, will be working toward one common goal- making sure EVERY camper has the best summer of their life!


The only thing our campers need to do is show up!  From there, each group develops its very own unique identity, which is born from the teamwork, friendships, and challenges successfully tackled each day.  Walking throughout the fields of Park Shore is truly a sight to behold. Whether it’s cheering for group members during the Park Shore World Cup, learning a new swim stroke, sharing Chicken Fries at lunch, creating a new recipe at Baking and Cooking, or a new masterpiece at Arts and Crafts, our campers have each other’s backs! And it doesn’t matter what activity you are watching, you will consistently see the same thing- children smiling, laughing, and genuinely pulling for each other.
These are relationships that can’t be taught.  They are shaped only through the shared experiences and wonders that camp can provide!  Ask any Park Shore alumni what they miss most after they have grown, and they will tell you- It’s the FRIENDSHIP, TEAMWORK, and CAMARADERIE that they shared with their group members and counselors, who often became close enough to be considered family!
Ian Denson
Athletic Director