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2017 Senior Division Late Night

Dear Park Shore Senior Division Parents,   We are overjoyed with the way our 2017 summer has progressed.  Your child has had a very exciting experience each and every day while traveling around Park Shore participating in all of our activities.  We look forward...

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2017 Senior Division Welcome

Dear Senior Campers and Families,
As we write this letter, can you believe we have only two months until camp starts? We hope you are as excited for the start of the summer of 2017 as we are! We have so many great activities, amazing events, and new attractions, a brand new Quad trail and an Ultimate Warrior Challenge course this camp season! Keep on the lookout for our Special Events calendar and see what we have planned for this summer!

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Hello from Robyn and Eric, Senior Division Directors

Hello from Robyn and Eric. The first four weeks of camp have been nothing short of incredible! Our Seniors had an amazing time enjoying all Park Shore has to offer. The campers have loved some of the programs that are unique to the senior division including the outstanding science academy, the spectacular sports track program, unique obstacle courses at excel, and our awesome performing arts program. The campers have especially been fond of the “club pick” periods where they get to choose their favorite activities to get extra time. Smiles showed from ear to ear during not just the pictures taken last week for each camper and group, but also during incredible instructional swim lessons and free swim periods, the Carnival Extravaganza, the Extreme Magic Show and our July Birthday Cake Bash. The groups also competed each day to win the prestigious Senior Group of the Day award. We also thoroughly enjoyed the exciting World Soccer Cups that both our boys and girls competed in.

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