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Special Events Week Two, 2019

Dear Park Shore Families and Campers,

Imagine the year is 1959! Bread costs a mere 20 cents a loaf, gas only 25 cents per gallon, and the average home value is $10,900.  Al and Henny Budah open a new camp in the open fields of Dix Hills, called Park Shore, to entertain and excite kids during the summer. It is a simple time.

Fast forward 60 years to 2019…  So much has changed. Dix Hills is a beautiful, busy suburban town with close-knit neighborhoods and growing families. Technology has improved and exploded.  Throughout all this change, however, there has been one constant. From day one, Park Shore has been, and will continue to be, the number one camp on Long Island for entertainment and excitement!  And the beauty of Park Shore is that it has embraced the newest and most cutting edge technologies, while maintaining that old-school, family owned, rugged camp atmosphere. 

Summer 2019 officially began when the first bus pulled into camp with Patches, Buttons and the whole Special Events crew dancing and greeting all of our campers.  The campers’ and staff’s contagious energy and enthusiasm was fantastic. Nothing was better than reuniting with our camp friends, after a long, cold winter! The ball fields were alive with smiles and teamwork. Groups even took “selfies” with a one-of-a-kind Park Shore frame! Pajama Day was a success as campers, counselors, and even directors got into the act wearing their favorite comfy PJs. A new tradition was born…Bear Chat; where campers are interviewed about all topics Park Shore! 

You can find Bear Chat, Park Shore updates, photos, news, and more on our website parkshoredaycamp.com, as well as instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  

As we look towards Week 2, “We’re All in This Together” definitely defines this week for us. Here’s a look at this week’s events:

Monday July 8th– Picture Day- Say Cheese !

Tuesday July 9th– Picture Day- Say Cheese! and Preschool Teddy Bear Picnic.  Preschool parents – you may send your child in with one teddy bear they would like to have with them at the picnic.

 Wednesday July 10th– Become a Park Shore Bear Day – show your blue and orange spirit! On this day, campers will learn what it truly means to be a Park Shore Bear, and even learn a chant that has been around since the earliest days of Park Shore!

Thursday July 11th – Group Spirit Day! 

Friday July 12th– Foam Friday, Snack Shack Grand Opening, Pre School/ Juniors Jonathan Geffner Show, Senior Fun Day! Spirit Day!

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Our 60th Anniversary Celebration year is going to be filled with exciting events, videos, alumni memories and so much more - don't miss a minute of it!