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For many parents who have never been to camp or have never sent their children to camp, the decision to choose camp for summer is a big one. Many worry about having their children away from them for the first time. Summer camp is a wonderful opportunity for children to try new things, make new friends, and have experiences away from home.  The right camp experience allows children to grow and to become more independent in a safe and fun environment.


Camp gives your child their first opportunity to be away from you in a less structured atmosphere such as school. Summer camp is a chance to explore and try new things in a safe environment. The growth in confidence and independence happen at camp BECAUSE you are not there. Many parents have found that their children grow and mature in a way that does not happen during the school year. The counselors at camps serve as wonderful role models and mentors and have such a wonderful influence on their campers.

Amazing Experiences

Summer camp is a magical experience that creates a lifetime of memories. The friendships and adventures campers have is unlike any other. Bonds are formed with their fellow campers and the camp culture becomes a part of their identity. Many camps have summer photo galleries that allow you to take a peek into your child’s camp day! Camp programming has changed dramatically over the years and many camps offer activities that many children have never had the opportunity to experience before such as climbing a rock wall, traversing a high ropes course or trying their hand at robotics.


Many children today are feeling stresses at such an early age. Camp gives children the opportunity to break away from the stresses of school and other school year commitments and truly have a care-free and fun experience. Although most camps have a set schedule each day, it is not regimented the same way school is so the children have an opportunity to decompress and be carefree.

Campers Develop Skills for Making & Keeping Friends!

The connections and friendships that are formed at camp are different from those that occur at school and on sports teams. The intensity of being together and experiencing life together, without distractions, creates the ideal setting to form life-long friendships and the chance to really get to know people well. Once your child becomes a camper, they begin to immerse themselves into the culture and traditions of the camp. The sense of community creates life-long bonds.

Skill Development

A well-rounded camp gives children the opportunity to try many new activities and hone skills that they never knew they had! Developing enthusiasm and love for an activity can lead to a passion that will stay with them. Camp lays the foundation for a future as an artist, athlete, scientist, teacher, or leader. The possibilities are endless.

Sending your child to camp can be one of the best gifts you can give your child – better and more impactful than any material item you could ever give.