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Performing Arts Track

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Performing Arts at Park Shore is an enhanced program that is run within the structure of Park Shore’s day camp program. Those children who have an interest in theater arts including dance, voice and acting, have the unique opportunity to experience one of the best all around day camps on Long Island while getting a “theater camp” experience as well. Every camper enrolled in the Park Shore Performing Arts Program will spend one period a day learning the skills they need to become a well-rounded, confident performer and collaborating on a production that includes acting, singing and dance. This program is for campers who have completed 2nd – 4th grade as of June.

The emphasis will be on creative expression, stage presence, and the development of dance, voice, and acting skills as well as learning microphone techniques and following basic stage directions. Each camper is looked at as an individual. Each camper will participate in the ensemble and get to shine on stage. All they need is the desire to perform and we provide the rest.

The rest of the day is spent participating in all of the activities and programs that Park Shore offers.


One period of Theatre Arts instruction including:

  • Voice, movement and acting games preparing for the rehearsal process
  • Creative expression
  • Improvisation work
  • Stage training and terminology
  • Microphone technique