Park Shore Travel Families,

We are excited that our campers will be traveling this summer. This is a welcome change from where we were during last summer. As you are aware, we were one of the very few camps that opened successfully last summer and understand what safety protocols need to be followed in order to remain safe for this summer.  

As of now arrival procedures of Health Screening forms and temperature taking will take place on a daily basis. In addition, travel campers must wear masks when on their bus when traveling to their different locations. Time will be given for snacks during long trips. In addition, masks must be worn when we are indoors in our hotels, but not when they are in their rooms. In order to be able to track any positive Covid cases, travel campers will be assigned rooms and will keep these assignments for each hotel. We will also have to follow the protocols of the facilities we will be traveling to. Since these protocols are being formulated as new guidelines are announced we will keep you updated as we find them out.   

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND HAVING YOUR CHILD VACCINATED IMMEDIATELY AS THIS WILL ALLOW THEM TO STAY ON THEIR TRIP IF FOR ANY REASON A POSITIVE COVID CASE SHOULD OCCUR. Your child is considered fully vaccinated after the two vaccine shots plus the two weeks following the vaccine. If there is a positive case and travel campers must quarantine, parents will have to pick up their child if they are not vaccinated. We apologize for this inconvenience, but under the current circumstances, we must follow these guidelines.  

Please be assured that we will take every precaution to keep our travel campers safe and must rely on you to follow safe practices when not at camp. We appreciate your understanding and are ready to assist with any questions you might have.



Bob & Chuck Budah



Dianne Vitucci & Mike Levy

Directors of Operations



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