Are you excited for the summer of 2022? WE ARE!! Our team has been so busy planning for an amazing summer and we couldn’t wait to share all of the new additions and activities your children have to look forward to. We can’t wait to see you this summer!


The Cooking Cottage

Baking and Cooking has always been an activity all of our campers look forward to. In order to make this activity even better than ever, we have created the all-new Cooking Cottage. This new facility will have an indoor kitchen environment and an outdoor deck where our campers will have fun creating their culinary delights. In addition, there will be an outdoor garden where they will be able to learn how to create dishes from garden to plate. This new area will be a magnet of excitement for all to enjoy.  

The Cooking Cottage at Park Shore offers foodie fun for our campers, including classes on everything from cupcakes to cakes, cookies, and even kitchen science. This program will be offered to all of our Park Shore campers and is the perfect recipe for gaining kitchen confidence, learning essential cooking skills, and making lots of great treats!


The Creators Art Studio

We are very pleased to announce that the Long Island Shell Lady, Marni Lawrence, will now be in charge of our Arts and Crafts program. Marni was a Park Shore camper but is also a professional artist who is ready to create never-before-seen projects for our campers to enjoy while they work on their own masterpieces. 

The Creators Art Studio will be offered to all of our Park Shore campers and is geared towards all ages and levels of artistic talent. The Summer of 2022 will feature new arts and crafts projects and the process of imagination to creation!


Elevated Athletics Program

With more normalcy comes a more enhanced athletic program where all of our campers will learn and improve upon their skills. In order to make this happen, we have added more athletic specialists who will coach our campers to success. 


Elevated ESSK Program

As one of the leaders in summer science programs, Extreme Steam Science Kids will be back in full force for the summer of 2022. Under the direction of Stacey Sussino, our Science Director, our young scientists will dig deep into the world of STEAM. Stacey is an Earth Science teacher and helped create our exciting and one-of-a-kind ESSK STEAM program. Our science campers will go to a variety of science disciplines including Robotics, Engineering, Life, Physical and Earth Science as well as Coding and Art. The Extreme Steam exploratory Cave will come back in full force including our two 180-gallon fish tanks, a variety of 55-gallon fish tanks, reptile tanks as well as our marine touch tank. Our very exciting hydroponics grow lab will be filled with a variety of herbs, lettuce, and vegetables which will enable our scientists to learn how to grow their food out of the traditional soil. Our science campers will be able to develop their 21st-century skills of Critical Thinking, Collaborative Teamwork, Creativity, and Adaptability very important for their future success in a world that is rapidly changing every day. 


Special Events

Park Shore has never rested on past performances and this summer we will see new and even more exciting Special Events throughout the summer. These crazy and over-the-top events are what create those magic moments that campers remember for a lifetime.  


Travel Programs

We cannot forget about our spectacular travel programs. Our Travel Directors have been diligently working on their travel schedules which will bring many wonderful and exciting experiences together for all of our travel campers to enjoy with their friends. Trips both on and off Long Island in addition to our exciting overnight trips will round out our travel experience.


New Preschool Enrichment Activity

The Park Shore Enrichment Experience will be better than ever during the Summer of 2022. This activity will be taught by Kathy Anderson, our veteran pre-kindergarten teacher, and will enable all of our preschool campers to hone their educational skills while at camp. As one of the leaders in summer science programming our preschool boys and girls will now become young scientists as they delve into the world of robotics, engineering, life, physical, and earth science during their Enrichment activity time.



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