COVID Safety Plan

From the Summer of 2020

New Safety Plan Coming Soon For the Summer of 2021


We are proud to say that we were one of the few camps that chose and were able to open for the 2020 camp season. Our diligence and preparation along with stringent guidelines from the CDC, NEW YORK STATE, and SUFFOLK COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENTS along with the American Camp Association, allowed us to prepare and open for our camp families. The safety protocols that were put into place allowed us to offer a program that was safe, fun, and allowed children to re-enter a world where they engaged with other children safely. The COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened our resolve to provide the best camp experience in the safest possible atmosphere for our campers as well as our staff – always. 

Camp is Needed More Than Ever

We have all experienced extremely different and most difficult unprecedented times with the global pandemic. Never in our lifetime have we had to adapt to a situation that caused devastating disruption to our lives.  As adults we have life’s experiences to fall back on to assist us with trying to cope with this situation.  Children on the other hand, have not lived long enough to be able to reach deep into their psyche and get strength from their past life experiences to deal with what was thrust in front of them.  For these reasons it is more important than ever before to stop and take pause to realize that children need to get back to some normalcy in order to regain their balance in life as they knew it to be.  Now that Park Shore is open children can reunite with the exciting times they remembered and socialize with their friends.  The structure of our exciting activity schedule along with the awesome special events will help them rejuvenate their spirit of life and be able to be kids once again. 

What can we do to make things better for children?

Opening Park Shore Country Day Camp safely is the solution. We have been told that the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus in an outdoor environment like camp is extremely low, and especially low for children, yet the benefits of children playing with other children, exercising and developing new skills that happen at camp would be tremendous. Opening Park Shore Country Day Camp for the summer requires a HUGE amount of logistical effort and financial expense, but we are proud to continue our commitment to our Park Shore families and we are excited to provide another amazing summer for our campers!

General Information

Camp Dates
  • Park Shore will run for 7 weeks from July 6th – August 21st.
  • Camp time will be adjusted to allow sufficient time to prepare for camp. Due to social distancing, we cannot provide bus transportation at this time.
Camp Hours
  • Camp will operate from 8:15 AM – 4:15 PM, Monday to Friday.
  • Groups will be assigned adjusted times for camp arrival and departure.
  • Due to social distancing protocols, we cannot provide BEFORE and/or AFTERCARE for this summer
Super Senior, Explorer & Superteen Programs
  • At this point, all three programs will take place on Park Shore’s facility.
  • These special programs will consist of activities tailored to their age and will utilize the Park Shore facilities.  Different Special Events are being planned as well as different lunch options to make the experience more exciting than our regular day camp program.
Parent Visitation
  • Due to the new protocols for overall safety, parent visitation cannot take place this summer.  We always want to assist our parents with any questions or concerns you might have, so please feel free to contact us at any time, so we can help you.
Deliveries, Packages, Repairmen
  • Anyone delivering anything to camp will be required to wear a face mask at all times.
  • Their temperature will be checked upon arrival at camp.
  • Camp will supply fresh disposable gloves that must be worn.
  • Food cases and other wrapped items will be disinfected prior to being handled.

Conditions for Opening Camp

Park Shore Country Day Camp’s priority is to provide a schedule of activities and Special Events that will create fun and excitement in a safe and effective manner.  Park Shore’s Safety & Operations Manual prioritizes the health and well-being of our campers, staff, and the families we serve, taking into account CDC and Health Department guidelines and guidance from the American Camping Association.

The plan is designed to be flexible, so that we can adapt and refine our response as needed. Park Shore Country Day Camp will rely on guidance from the Board of Health, orders from the Governor’s office and the American Camping Association. Park Shore’s procedures in enforcing compliance with all COVID-19 preventative measures and practices may be modified and revised as guidance changes.

External Factors
  • Stay at home orders are lifted.
  • New York State permits recreational and childcare facilities to begin operations
  • Suffolk County Health Department gives clearance to open camp.
  • Mitigation efforts in local communities continue to result in declining cases, hospitalizations, and metrics in all seven categories of New York Forward Plan.
Internal Factors
  • Staff is trained and prepared to operate under new operating guidelines and care for campers.
  • Program areas and camp spaces are ready to support physical/social distancing, as required.
  • Lunch procedure in place to ensure the safe delivery of meals.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing operating procedures are in place and adequate supplies are available to properly execute.
  • Adequate PPE supplies are available for staff use.
  • Installation of hand sanitizing stations around camp.
Park Shore Family Commitment: Family Health Survey
  • Monitoring camper health.
  • Communicating with Park Shore Country Day Camp openly about health concerns.
  • Follow all policies and procedures to support a healthy community.

The Park Shore Day Camp Summer Steps

Camper Screening
  • Pre-camp online health & history questionnaire. Daily at-home health screenings by caregivers.
  • Daily camp arrival symptom screening and temperature check. Health Monitoring throughout the camp day.
Staff Screening Testing
  • Pre-camp online health & history questionnaire.
  • Daily arrival symptom screening and temperature check by Park Shore trained staff members.
  • Health Monitoring throughout the camp day.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided.
Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection protocols by Park Shore’s maintenance team. Hourly cleaning and disinfection of each bathroom by dedicated attendants.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all activity areas, equipment, and supplies throughout the day
  • Designated activity supplies for each Group’s exclusive use.
  • Use of EPA-approved soaps and sanitizers.
Hand Washing
  • Mandatory hand washing or sanitization protocol between each activity period.
  • Sanitizing dispensers placed around the Park Shore facility in addition to handwashing stations in each bathroom.  Group staff will carry hand sanitizer for their group to be used before and after each activity
  • Use of EPA-approved soaps and sanitizers.
Reasonable Contact Reduction
  • Group sizes limited to no more than 10 – 15 campers per Group.
  • Safe social distancing practices will be maintained between Groups.
  • Face coverings and masks will be worn according to CDC guidelines.
Symptom Management Plan
  • Trained Medical Professionals will assess all persons with possible COVID-related symptoms.
  • A quarantine facility will be established.
  • Strict symptom management, including isolation, communication, tracing, and post-illness protocol will be enforced.

Group Size & Social Distancing

Small Camp Groups
  • A maximum of 10 – 15 campers for each Group.
  • We will make every effort to try and honor at least one friend request per camper.
Groups Will Not Mix
  • Groups will be required to maintain appropriate social distancing from other Groups.
  • Each Group will travel around camp following the specific camp route planned to enable minimal Group crossover.
No Large Camp Gatherings
  • Full camp and divisional events will not take place.
  • The Special Events Calendar will be rescheduled to ensure all activities can be run in accordance with no large gatherings.
  • Events such as Color War will still be a part of the summer, but competition will be held within each Group.
Safe Interaction with Specialty Staff
  • All Specialist staff will be required to wear face masks and or face shields when they cannot be more than 6 feet away from their campers.
Locker Room
  • Due to the limited enrollment, groups will be assigned more locker room space so better social distancing can be achieved.
Rain Days
  • We are building in 3 Rain Days to our Summer Program.
  • If a full day of rain is forecast we will make a decision whether or not to run camp.
  • This decision will be made and communicated to you by 6:30 am.
  • A $100 credit will be applied toward your 2021 summer tuition for each day beyond the initial 3 Rain Days. No refunds will be issued for Rain Days.
  • Although we have plenty of indoor and undercover space to accommodate Rain Days, we are not able to guarantee the same level of social distancing if we need everyone indoors. Due to this, our built-in Rain Days will be used in a similar way to Snow Days during the school year. Our aim will be to notify you by 6:30 am of this decision to give you plenty of time to make alternate plans for that day.

Camp Program & Activities

At the heart of Park Shore Country Day Camp is our variety of amazing activities, led by a talented group of specialists. This is where fun, engagement, friendships, learning, and camp memories begin. Our team has been working hard to re-imagine the process and make these experiences as amazing as ever. After months of sitting at home with distance learning, we know that campers are ready to enjoy the outdoors, connect with friends, and have some real fun!

Activity Period Checklist
  • All campers and staff members wash/sanitize hands when they arrive and depart each activity period.
  • Cleaning and disinfection will be completed on all equipment and supplies throughout the day.
  • One Group will be scheduled at each activity.
  • Sports and games will focus more on skill-building and drills to limit contact as much as possible.
  • Commonly touched surfaces, switches, sink knobs, tables, benches or handles, etc., will be wiped down throughout the day
  • Staff members will increase spacing and physical distancing with campers when possible.
  • Field trips off camp have all been canceled for this summer.

Daily Lunch & Snacks

Park Shore’s optional lunch program will continue to provide campers and staff members with daily hot lunch and snacks. Our menu includes a variety of nutritious daily options and substitutions.  Campers who bring their lunch from home will have it placed in separate group supermarket bags and kept in our walk-in refrigerator until their lunch period.

Daily Lunch & Snacks Safety Protocols
  • Hand wash stations in our bathrooms and group hand sanitizer for everyone to use before and after each meal and throughout the day.
  • Limited seating per table and social distancing between group tables.
  • Meals will be served in individual portions or plated by an assigned counselor from their Group.
  • The summer lunch menu can be found on our website
  • All drinks will be single-serve individual water bottles or juice containers
Snacks And Ices/ Ice Cream
  • All snacks and ice creams will be served in individual, pre-packaged servings.
  • One counselor from the Group will be assigned to serve everyone.
Water Stations
  • Water will be available in all activity areas.
  • Group leaders in each group will carry drinking cups for their group.  They will be the only person to fill the drinking cups for their campers.  The use of water fountains this summer will not be allowed.
Allergy Awareness
  • Park Shore will continue to meet the needs of campers with allergies and will not permit any outside food to enter the camp without proper screening for ingredients.

Activities for Summer 2020

Activity periods will run for 55-minute intervals. Group Leaders will be given the ability to make decisions on the time to end a period, leaving sufficient time for campers to wash/sanitize their hands between periods.

Activities Available This Summer
  • Free Swim
  • Red Cross Swim Instruction
  • Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball
  • Zumba Program
  • Extreme Adventure Program: Sky Trail High Ropes Course, Rock Wall, Bungee Trampoline, Ninja Obstacle Course
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Playgrounds and Spraygrounds 
  • Special Events

Cleaning Procedure

Park Shore Country Day Camp has their full time and trained seasonal maintenance staff to keep Park Shore disinfected and clean every day. A designated team of cleaners will disinfect all program areas, bathrooms, office areas, and sports equipment throughout the day.

A dedicated staff orientation will be given to our entire TEAM to ensure their understanding of our daily procedures and expectations.

Commercial grade and EPA certified disinfectants will be used on a daily basis to ensure sanitary standards are consistently maintained.


The aquatics complex at Park Shore Day Camp provides excellent flexibility to safely deliver a swim program in our 3 heated pools. We understand that swimming is a favorite activity for many campers and an important part of the summer camp experience. Swimming pools have been deemed safe because the virus is not waterborne and pools are properly treated with chlorine. There is no current evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to people through chlorinated water in a pool.

Our main pool and frog pool will be divided into 6 separate areas delineated by buoy lines and our deep pool will accommodate only 1 group at a time. Groups will be scheduled to their own area and never leave it during their swim period.

Locker Rooms
  • Camp groups will be given additional locker room space to provide for sufficient space and social distancing.  
  •  Specific routes will be created to ensure minimal crossing of Groups while in the locker areas.
  •  Locker rooms will be constantly cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.
Daily Instructional Swim
  • Instruction will be given by one Waterfront Instructor per Group. Instruction will be given from a social distance of at least 6ft.
  • The same Waterfront Instructor will be assigned to the same Group for the duration of the summer.
  • Counselors of each Group will be in the water with their Group.
  • Although children’s current swim levels may vary within a Group, instruction will be performed this way to ensure maintaining social distancing from other Groups.
  • Once Instructional Swim begins, Waterfront Instructors will then individualize parts of the lesson for each child to ensure they are able to learn at their own pace.
Daily Recreational Swim
  • A designated section of the pool will be given to each Group.
  • A limited number of campers in a pool at any one time.
  • Counselors will still swim with the campers.
  • The Buddy Check system will still be in place to ensure safety.
  • When a Buddy Check is called campers will point to each other instead of holding each other’s hands up.


  • Out of an abundance of caution and social distancing practicality, we will not provide bus transportation this summer.
AM Drop Off Procedure
  • Families will be given a designated arrival time window.
  • To ensure safety, Park Shore TEAM members will guide cars through the parking lot.
  • We ask all parents to drive slowly and please be patient as we unload vehicles as quickly as possible.
  • Upon arrival at camp a TEAM member will greet your child at your car and perform a temperature check and will ask if your child is healthy and symptom-free
  • Once checked, children will be escorted to their Group (Pod) by our arrival staff.
  • Any child showing an elevated temperature over 100 will be given a second check by one of our nursing staff.
PM Departure Procedure
  • Families will be given a designated departure time.
  • When entering the parking lot you will be guided to your designated pickup zone.
  • Campers will be brought directly to your vehicles.
  • We ask all parents to drive slowly and please be patient as we load vehicles as quickly as possible.
Play Dates
  • Campers will only be allowed to leave with their parents or guardian.
  • Park Shore will not arrange alternate transportation to accommodate play dates.

Medical Staff & Health Office

Our Health Office Staff will always be available to campers and staff.
  • Campers and staff will visit different Health Office Stations at camp depending on their need.
  • Outdoor waiting areas will be assigned for Health Office Stations to allow for social distancing.
  • Campers and staff will wait in these areas and be called in one at a time to be treated.
  • All minor bumps, scrapes, cuts, etc., will be treated in one area, while anyone feeling unwell will be treated at a separate station.
  • A completely separate quarantine station will be assigned for anyone who runs a temperature higher than 100 or shows COVID-19 symptoms while at camp.
  • As always, our Health Office Staff will contact you whenever a camper visits them.

Symptom & Testing Management Plan

What happens if a camper or staff member develops COVID-19-like symptoms while at camp?
  • Persons with possible COVID-19 symptoms will be directed to a quarantine area where they will be further assessed and monitored by an RN while awaiting transport home. Staff that self-transport, who are physically able to drive, may be escorted to their car with proper PPE worn by both ill staff members and escort. The escort must wear an N-95 mask.
  • Persons who have been sent home due to possible COVID-19 infection may return to camp when they provide 2 consecutive negative COVID-19 test results AND all symptoms have resolved.
What happens if there is a COVID-19 Positive Diagnosis?

If a camper or staff member reports they are COVID-19 positive, Park Shore Country Day Camp will maintain the confidentiality of the individual at all times while mitigating the situation. The case will be reported to the Health Authorities and all families and staff of the individual’s Group will be notified immediately. All facilities that the individual came in contact with will be vacated, deep cleaned, and disinfected per CDC guidelines. We expect that all campers and staff members who came in close contact with the infected individual will be required to quarantine for 14 days and that any persons classified as having a proximate exposure would be required to self-monitor for symptoms for the same 14 day period. CDC guidelines for handling exposure and mitigating risk of exposure will be strictly followed.

Persons who test positive for COVID-19 may return to camp when:

The answer is YES to ALL of the following:

  • Has it been at least 14 days since you first had symptoms?
  • Have you been fever-free for three days (72 hours) without any medicine for fever reduction?
  • Has it been three days (72 hours) since your symptoms have improved? Has fever been resolved without the use of fever-reducing medications?
  • Have respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath) resolved, and there have been TWO negative COVID-19 tests at least 24 hours apart?
  • What is the definition of a “Close Contact”?
  • The CDC defines close contact as interactions within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes. Contact tracing will be carried out by trained staff in conjunction with the Suffolk County Health Department.
  • What is the definition of “Proximate Exposure”?
  • A “proximate exposure” is defined as interactions greater than 6ft from an infected individual within a shared space.
Childhood Inflammatory Disease Related to COVID-19
  • We are aware that the NY State Department of Health is investigating some cases of children experiencing symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock-like syndrome which may possibly be related to COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the situation and our staff will be vigilant in monitoring campers for symptoms throughout the day.
Missed Camp Days

If a camper misses camp due to being quarantined or potential exposure to an infected individual, they will receive a credit towards the 2021 camp season for the days missed.

We sincerely understand the decisions that have to be made by families who want to get their children back to some normalcy and the difficulty in taking your first steps.  Please understand that day camps are mandated to follow the regulations set by the Health Department in order to get a permit to open and operate in addition to following the American Camping 

Association’s stringent standards that are aligned with the CDC recommendations.  For those reasons and due to the fact that we have been safety conscientious during the 60 years of operating Park Shore, we feel we will be one of the safest environments that children can attend.  We are always available to answer any questions or concerns with regard to safety and help instill confidence in your decision to send your children to Park Shore.  We greatly appreciate your understanding and will always strive to exceed your expectations.