Exciting New Adventures Await at Park Shore Country Day Camp in 2024!

As we gear up for another summer of fun and excitement, Park Shore Country Day Camp is thrilled to unveil a host of exciting additions for 2024 that promise to make this year truly unforgettable. From thrilling adventures to refreshing water play, our campers are in for a treat as they explore the new features and experiences awaiting them. Let’s dive into the fantastic additions that will make this summer at Park Shore the best one yet!

Spray Park: Cooling Off in Style

  • One of the highlights of 2024 at Park Shore is the introduction of our brand-new Spray Park. As the temperatures rise, campers can beat the heat by enjoying a splashing good time in this vibrant and interactive water playground. With a variety of water features and sprays, the Spray Park is designed to provide a refreshing break from the summer sun, ensuring that every camper stays cool while having a blast.

Sky Trail: New Heights, New Thrills

  • For those seeking an adrenaline rush, our enhanced Sky Trail introduces exciting new elements that take adventure to new heights. The Sky Trail now boasts additional challenges and obstacles that will test campers’ courage and agility. With a focus on teamwork and personal development, the Sky Trail promises a thrilling experience that builds confidence and fosters camaraderie among campers.

Travel: Exploring New Horizons

  • In 2024, Park Shore Country Day Camp is introducing an array of new and exciting trips for campers to embark on. Whether it’s an amusement park, a nature excursion, a cultural adventure, or a thrilling outdoor activity, our diverse selection of trips ensures that every camper has the opportunity to explore new horizons and create lasting memories. 




Color Run: A Splash of Fun and Fitness

  • One of the most anticipated special events this year is the introduction of the Color Run. Campers will don their white shirts and set off on a vibrant journey through a course filled with bursts of color. This exciting and colorful run not only promotes physical activity but also adds an extra layer of joy and camaraderie to the camp experience.


Preschool Water Play Area: Splash-Tastic Fun for Little Ones

  • The littlest campers at Park Shore are in for a treat with the introduction of the Preschool Water Play Area. Specially designed for our preschoolers, this water play zone provides a safe and enjoyable space for the youngest campers to splash around and create watery memories.

Pedal Power for Juniors and Seniors

  • Junior and senior campers can look forward to a new mode of transportation with the introduction of Peddle Karts. These fun and pedal-powered vehicles offer a unique and exciting way for campers to navigate the campgrounds, adding an extra element of adventure to their summer days.

Bounce Rides: Giant Blowups for Maximum Fun

  • Hold on to your excitement as we introduce our new Bounce Rides – giant blowups that will take the camp experience to new heights. These inflatable rides promise not only thrills but also endless fun as campers bounce, slide, and play on these larger-than-life structures.

With an array of new features and experiences, Park Shore Country Day Camp is set to make 2024 a summer to remember. From water-filled adventures to thrilling challenges, our campers are sure to have a blast as they explore, play, and create lifelong memories at the camp they love. Get ready for an extraordinary summer at Park Shore!


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